Virtual Pipeline Solutions

Physical pipelines are expensive and time-consuming to build. Consequently, many prospective users do not have access to natural gas even though supplies are now plentiful. Even where plans exist to get pipeline service, such access may be years away, resulting in higher energy costs every day for the energy user.

Our virtual pipeline service bridges this gap.  We deliver commercial quantities of natural gas to customers that do not have access to physical pipelines. OSCOMP’s proprietary technologies enable the most cost-effective, efficient, and reliable trucked transportation and delivery of natural gas in the industry. Our unique end-to-end trailer delivery system comprises multiple patent-pending innovations that make it easier for our customers to transition to low-cost, American-sourced natural gas as their primary energy source. With our technology, natural gas can be economically delivered to any volume customer within driving range of our source sites.

Advantages of Virtual Pipelines

Better Economics
We save our customers money – lots of money. It’s as simple as that. How?  Because the cost per BTU of liquid fuels is substantially higher than that of natural gas, and this spread is expected to continue for years to come. Our system enables the economic delivery of clean, low-cost natural gas to volume energy users.  In many cases, users can save the equivalent of $1/gallon or more per equivalent gallon of heating oil / diesel delivered.  This results in big savings very quickly.

Ease of Service
OSCOMP provides a “flange-to-flange” delivery service.  The end user receives gas to their facility as if there was pipeline directly to them.  The source sites, trucks, and unloading systems are owned and operated by OSCOMP and its market partners.  The gas purchasing, trucking logistics, capital costs, and equipment maintenance are all handled by OSCOMP and its partners.  All the user needs to do is convert their equipment to run on natural gas – an investment that will typically see a payback time measured in weeks.

More Flexibility
Making the transition to natural gas as your primary energy source may seem daunting, but with our advanced technology, it  couldn’t be easier. Our solution lowers switching costs for our customers, leading to faster adoption of natural gas. With an adjustable capacity, we can easily adjust our deliveries for your requirements. Use all you want.  We’ll bring more.

Environmentally Conscious
Of all fossil fuels, natural gas is by far the cleanest.  So simply by switching to this incredible source of energy, our customers reduce both their energy costs and their carbon emissions.